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Quick Start


This part of the Help is designed to get you searching and browsing with UPSO right away.


Quick search: finding a title

To find a specific title or titles relating to a particular term:


1. Type or paste the term you want to find in the Search box.

2. Click Go button or press Enter.

3. The results of your search are displayed.


  • This basic procedure can be refined by subject.
  • You can make your search even more specific using an Advanced search.



The matching books are listed on the results page(s).

The number of results appears at the top of the list.

Each result consists of the name of the book, its author, and its date of publication. Depending on the results options selected, the abstract and other information may also be displayed. To view a popup abstract of a book at any time, move the cursor over its title.

To open any of the books at the table of contents, click on it.

There are a number of different ways of viewing and sorting results. For example: you can confine them to a particular year of publication; confine them to a particular subject; or restrict them to publications by a particular press.



You can browse books by subject:

1. Click on the subject of your choice (e.g. Literature) in the Browse panel (headed Browse by Subject).

2. An alphabetical list of matching titles is displayed.

3. Browse the list using the cursor or by selecting a page number. To move directly to titles beginning with a particular letter, type it in to the Starting with: box and click Go button (green).

starting with

4. To open a book, click on its title.

5. Select any of the chapters from the table of contents by clicking on it.


  • Using the filter panel on the left you can narrow down your results to a particular press, subject area, year of publication, and/or recently published titles only.
  • If a book is padlocked , your subscription does not cover its content, and only its abstract is available for viewing.


The carousel

Featured books from your chosen subject are displayed in the carousel below the Browse panel. Click on any of the titles to open it. 

New features

UPSO offers several new features:


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